SEO Can Be Deceptive

Avoid Deceptive Offers

It is important to make sure that the offer from your advertisement matches the one present on your website. It that is not the case, apart from moral issues, you may also come into some legal problems. Don’t “bait and switch” or make outlandish offers in your advertisements that do not really have much in common with what you are trying to sell or offer on your website. It is important to keep to the moral high ground.

Inaccurate Ad Copies

You should at least try to give your potential customers some idea where they will go with your seo services. Teasing them is fine as long as you don’t confuse them and make the disappointed when they go to a site doesn’t make it clear what you sell and who you are. Such disappointment will not only prevent you from selling your products, but it will also contribute to a negative experience of your potential customers. Your interest is in the user and you should treat them with proper respect.